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 At Gateway Wellness Center, our mission is to add to your health and wellbeing by empowering your system’s innate wisdom and strengths.  Whether it is with chiropractic care, nutritional support, or optimized movement, Dr.  Angela empowers you to find YOUR path to a vibrant life journey.

During the Covid19 Crisis of 2020, we have added TeleHealth consultations and support for our services.  Weight Loss, DNA testing, supplementation, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching are all at the tips of your fingers!  

Every step of the way, your care is designed to put YOU in control of your health.  From genetic testing, supplementation and food choices to spinal care and movement therapy, Dr. Hanley and Veronica, your Weight Loss Director, will help you find your way back to the quality of life you crave: movement, freedom, ability to heal, and knowledge about how your body works… and how to KEEP it working for a lifetime.  

Meet Dr. Angela!

Meet Dr. Angela Hanley

Dr.  Angela Hanley has lived in the Baraboo area offering chiropractic care and birth mentoring since 2000.  In 2018, her services expanded to include nutrition and weight loss counseling.  Her love of travel, of chiropractic care, and her expertise in pediatric and newborn spinal adjusting has led her to serve challenged communities in Kenya and Guatemala, including in rural schools, orphanages, field clinics in tribal communities, and premie wards in remote hospitals.  She lives in Baraboo with her four children, two cats, and of course, Benny.

Telehealth Services are Now Available.

More About Telehealth

Telehealth connects patients to vital health care services through videoconferencing, remote monitoring, electronic consults, and wireless communications. Dr. Hanley Telehealth is now offering the closest alternative to a traditional office visit through virtual, real-time interaction by using both audio and video.

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