Control Your Cravings: online 12 week course




Control Your Cravings  is a 12-installment online program designed for people who struggle with food cravings, who want to gain control over their emotional eating and unhealthy food choices so they can manage weight, end stress eating and understand their body’s needs, without having to commit to meetings or repeated supplement orders.

I’ve designed this program specifically for people who are frustrated by persistent cravings, who want real tools to understand and manage food cravings so they can nourish their body, manage stress better, and gain control over unhealthy cravings for a lifetime.

In Control Your Cravings, I‘m funneling all the advice I’ve given over the years to my weight loss patients, plus SO much more from the knowledge base of neurology and physiology that I’ve gained and taught through chiropractic and polyvagal work, into one easy-to-use (and hopefully even fun?) – online forum that you can take at your pace.  I will show you what to do step by step to end the struggle with compulsive and bothersome cravings – for good.


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