By now it’s common knowledge that great sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet filled with fresh vegetables is important.  But did you know that taking a vacation can go a long way towards improving your mental, physical, and spiritual health?

Travel has been shown to decrease stress,  improve brain health, boost your immune system, and make you feel more joyful.  Modern travelers are planning trips with their health in mind, which means wellness retreats are on the rise.

Curious about the benefits a wellness retreat we can offer?


July 6-9, 2021

Join Dr. Angela, teamed up with the excellent touring crew at Wilderness Pack Trips, get off the beaten path and let’s engage in the Transcend-Dance: Part 1!!
You’ll see parts of this gorgeous National Park that few ever see, and in a time of year with wildflowers in bloom in the valleys and the waters rushing in the Gallatin River. You’ll join in conscious movement, breath work sessions, bodywork sessions, day rides, and neurolinguistic hacks aimed at breaking your old patterns and establishing new ones…. with NO cell service or wifi to distract or interfere…transcending whatever current “stuck” vibrational patterning that’s limiting your life expression, and allowing for new, open, and intentional LIVING at a higher level. Let’s TRANSCEND together. 🌟🧘🏻‍♀️💫
My special guest on this trip (and my half sister!) Debi O’Brien, owner and operator of Equine LEAD, LLC in IL will facilitate activities to further the horse/human experience with her expertise in equine experiential learning. So we won’t just ride the horses… this is your chance to explore and deepen that special bond we have with horses 🐴, tapping into the inner wisdom of BOTH, and gain a deeper level of self-awareness.
You’ll leave our 4 days of bonding, movement, and communion with horse and nature, and the occasional beast 🐻 (from a safe distance!) with tools to establish or enhance your impactful morning routine – or any part of the day you set aside – that sets the stage for YOUR shift: your participation in the DANCE of LIFE!!